Decanting the Jar of Life

Yesterday I introduced you to The Jar of Life. Here’s the one I prepared earlier:

It’s nicely full of three types of activity you might fill your life with. Here they are, deglassed:

The balls of wool represent the BigRocks. That’s the major, vital-to-why-you-are-alive missions. Like nurturing love in your life. And being healthy and glorious and free. Yep, they’re the big ones.

The Lego bricks represent the urgent or less important stuff. These chores still have to be done, but not at the expense of the wool. Ah … the BigRocks, that is. Example? Feed the iguana. Buy cheap sponge for the cake-stall. Find the remote.

The beads represent the trivial, pretty-much-worthless jobbies. Netflix comes to mind.

Time management is all about juggling these priorities. And it all begins with New Year’s Resolutions. And that’s where we came in.





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  1. savannah says:

    Phew. Not easy gearing up to do a post a day! And this is only the fifth day!

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