A Grrr…. Day!

Remember this pic? It’s the page of my 2017 resolutions written on New Year’s Eve. Full of ambition and determination!

A week into January and I haven’t kept up either. (Sad face.)

I blame YOU, WordPress!

Most of my hours go on figuring out this … what do they call it ? … ‘dashboard’! Stupid name. I hate writing in here because I keep losing the cursor. I have to scroll upward, the screen then flashes and I can scroll down and keep typing. IF I can remember what I was saying! So frustrating! I’ve gone on many help sites and have five books from the library – ┬ájust on WordPress! But I can’t get satisfaction. And all this ‘research’ takes so much MORE TIME! Grrr!

Actually, do I even need a blog to write a book? Shouldn’t I be actually writing the book instead of flipping around with this application?

It’s aggravating that I told myself to write every day! Already I’ve come to dread it! Should I continue? Poo, I don’t know.

I need a guru!

“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Come to me, Sensei! Your Grasshopper is waiting!


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