Don’t Break the Chain – Awake Version!

Last night we got home late from a MASSIVE day and I hadn’t done my daily blog! Check out the result! Blurg …….

So today I’ve had 12 hours sleep and will do better!

No, it wasn’t Andy Warhol who famously said, “Don’t Break the Chain.” ( I thought that seemed out of character!) It was Jerry Seinfeld. He was referring to his method of writing jokes. You have to commit to daily practise in other words, and build up a chain of observances. Then when you can’t be fagged exercising or decluttering a drawer or … writing that blog … well, you HAVE TO! Because you can’t break the chain!

Its a pain, but it is great motivation. So, just print out a calendar and choose one daily resolution, and start ticking off those dates! (Colouring them in is fun too.) Like this!

(Just because I’m nice, I’m going to let you off the first 10 days! Cross off those dates and just start building your chain from today! Good luck!)

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