Here I Explain the BigRocks Principle… in wool.

In response to my recent commentator (who’d obviously never heard of Steven Covey), I will now demonstrate the BigRocks Principle which I alluded to in an earlier post.

As we have kids around here, and not engineers, my demonstration will use beads, Lego and wool. Instead of sand, gravel and rocks. But you’ll get the idea.

Here we have the glass jar of life. Okay?

The little beads represent the trivialities we fritter away our time on. Things like coffee breaks, shoe shopping, shaving our legs.(You too, girls.) Hollywood rom-com’s, Cheezels, Freecell … yes, even Facebook.

The Lego bricks represent urgent TO DOs like the boss phoning about the missing invoice. And that ‘Ting!’of an arriving email you just have to open. Also for fairly important stuff like ‘Pick up Heidi for the dentist.” ¬†Or ‘Book the flights to Venice!’ (You wish.)

The balls of wool (despite their unlikely consistency) represent rocks. Yes, BigRocks, as I like to spell them. They are the really important missions of your life … the love you’ll share with your precious few; the money you’ll need for a full life; the glory you’ll attain when you share your own specialness with the world; your health. These are what you need to spend your scarce time on Earth on. Aren’t they?

SEE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION: Here we see the jar overflowing! Someone put the trivial beads in first! Then the urgent or minor chores. But now the jar has no room for the really important priorities! Life is slipping away on the unimportant instead of being wisely used to maximise its value and bring greatest happiness and fulfillment. Oh, sad. So sad.

NOW SEE THIS ILLUSTRATION: Here we represent a wiser life! You see, if you put the rocks … I mean, the wool … Actually the, ah, important stuff, on your agenda first, you can fit the other tasks around it! Da-Daa! Sure there might be a few beads, um, chores left out. But, hey, they were trivial anyway. So who cares!

QED. Here endeth the lesson.

I hope you all enjoyed my little sciencey demonstration. And I think you’ll agree mine was much prettier than Covey’s!




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4 Responses to Here I Explain the BigRocks Principle… in wool.

  1. I’ve heard of the Big Rocks principle before but I have to agree, your demonstration of it is the prettiest I’ve seen!

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  3. savannah says:

    Haha! So much for my resolutions! I found WordPress too frustrating to use. Find me on Facebook if you want to friend me!

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