Someone Else has My Book Idea!

Oh, no! Major discouragement! Some other lady has published a book which is just like mine was going to be! And it’s funny! AND … to my horror, it’s not some dusty old tome from the two dollar discard¬†pile, 1998! It’s published this year!

(Wah!Rush to chocolate stash. Emote to Diary. Consider burning WordPress.)

Is it even worth going on wrangling this blog. Should I just tinker with genealogy instead? Go on to planning our next trip?

Wash the dishes? (Huh! Not that distressed!)

No, I shall go on with MY book. I shall make a new chapter …

“How to wash out your pique, rinse away thoughts of revenge … and restart your Maytag!”

I shall have better ideas. Be funnier. Rely on quirk and oddity. Replay my shame-vids from disgustingslobhoarder days? Yes! I will continue my author journey. I will publish and be damned!

And I will NOT read rival books! Never! Not ever! So there!



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  1. FHM says:

    Well said darling. BTW, can I have my rum back now? Tks,

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