Wah! Second of Resolutions Already Whelmed!

Yeah, ‘whelmed’ because I am still in control (ish), so not OVERWHELMED!

My TO DO list is so big already! I thought I was started a lovely new blank year, but one day in and I have 27 chores for today! That just doesn’t seem right!

(Oh, add [] Elucidate BigRocks for comment writer yesterday. Twenty eight.)

Sooooo confused with how to write a blog on here. Just a simple few words and a picture! But I can’t make the cursor go where I want it!

Grrrrr… As I write this, I can’t see what I am typing! If I scroll down I get a huge black bar – half way across the post! I have to go to View Post, then press that Edit Post button at the top. THEN I get back to a cursor! Only until I write a bit more. Then the BlackBarofDoom appears and I am back to no cursor! Crazy!

Number One chore for today … Back to climbing the WordPress learning curve!


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2 Responses to Wah! Second of Resolutions Already Whelmed!

  1. FHM says:

    Suggestion: access blog on your computer instead of iPad. This would give you the whole screen unobstructed by the keyboard. The moue might also give you more control over the cursor.

  2. savannah says:

    But I hate the computer! I plan to write this book lying down!
    But thanks for your loyal comments, who ever you are!

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