WayHey! It’s New Year’s Day!

A lovely fresh, white, clean, empty, WHOLE NEW YEAR is now open for stepping into!

So exciting!

And I’ve got you, dear newbaby weblog, to capture my whole new betterment in!

Yesterday, on delicious New Year’s Eve, I put my pretty page of Big Rocks Resolutions on facebook. ( I didn’t put it here because I didn’t know how! Two hours with the WordPress manual and I think I’ve got it! By George!)

Big Rocks? That’s the big major items that will take up most of my attention this year. Later I’ll have to break up each of these and plan out the baby steps, the many small actions that will make each one roll! (RocknRoll, baby!)

(Whew. I think that’s enough for today. Wrangling WordPress is exhausting! I’ll do more when I’ve figured out how to move that dang cursor.)


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2 Responses to WayHey! It’s New Year’s Day!

  1. FHM says:

    Big Rocks? Needs some elucidation. Does this refer to the major tasks which must be accomplished before some of the lesser ones can be attempted? BTW, congrats on getting your blog this far. I would have given up long ago.

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