Someone Else has My Book Idea!

Oh, no! Major discouragement! Some other lady has published a book which is just like mine was going to be! And it’s funny! AND … to my horror, it’s not some dusty old tome from the two dollar discard pile, 1998! It’s published this year!

(Wah!Rush to chocolate stash. Emote to Diary. Consider burning WordPress.)

Is it even worth going on wrangling this blog. Should I just tinker with genealogy instead? Go on to planning our next trip?

Wash the dishes? (Huh! Not that distressed!)

No, I shall go on with MY book. I shall make a new chapter …

“How to wash out your pique, rinse away thoughts of revenge … and restart your Maytag!”

I shall have better ideas. Be funnier. Rely on quirk and oddity. Replay my shame-vids from disgustingslobhoarder days? Yes! I will continue my author journey. I will publish and be damned!

And I will NOT read rival books! Never! Not ever! So there!



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Wah! Second of Resolutions Already Whelmed!

Yeah, ‘whelmed’ because I am still in control (ish), so not OVERWHELMED!

My TO DO list is so big already! I thought I was started a lovely new blank year, but one day in and I have 27 chores for today! That just doesn’t seem right!

(Oh, add [] Elucidate BigRocks for comment writer yesterday. Twenty eight.)

Sooooo confused with how to write a blog on here. Just a simple few words and a picture! But I can’t make the cursor go where I want it!

Grrrrr… As I write this, I can’t see what I am typing! If I scroll down I get a huge black bar – half way across the post! I have to go to View Post, then press that Edit Post button at the top. THEN I get back to a cursor! Only until I write a bit more. Then the BlackBarofDoom appears and I am back to no cursor! Crazy!

Number One chore for today … Back to climbing the WordPress learning curve!


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WayHey! It’s New Year’s Day!

A lovely fresh, white, clean, empty, WHOLE NEW YEAR is now open for stepping into!

So exciting!

And I’ve got you, dear newbaby weblog, to capture my whole new betterment in!

Yesterday, on delicious New Year’s Eve, I put my pretty page of Big Rocks Resolutions on facebook. ( I didn’t put it here because I didn’t know how! Two hours with the WordPress manual and I think I’ve got it! By George!)

Big Rocks? That’s the big major items that will take up most of my attention this year. Later I’ll have to break up each of these and plan out the baby steps, the many small actions that will make each one roll! (RocknRoll, baby!)

(Whew. I think that’s enough for today. Wrangling WordPress is exhausting! I’ll do more when I’ve figured out how to move that dang cursor.)


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New Year’s Eve!

Yay! Whoopee! My favourite day of the year!

Now to prepare my list! New Year’s Resolutions! Wheeeeee!

( Does WordPress restrict overly excited punctuation? I’ve used up 7 exclamation marks already!!!)

Opps ! …

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